My philosophy as an instructor is to create a learning environment in which students can freely question even the most taken-for-granted social institutions, probe scholars' and their own assumptions, and learn to how to engage with social science, while emphasizing the importance of evidence and rational thinking.

In 2018, I was awarded the Stanford Cilker Award for Outstnding Teaching Assistant. 


  • Soc 300: Workshop: The Art and Joy of Teaching, Instructor, Stanford University

  • Soc 122: As Simple as Fascists vs. Snowflakes? Free Speech and the University, Instructor, Stanford University

  • American Language and Culture: Intensive English Language and U.S. Culture Program, Lecturer on Inequality, Stanford University

  • Soc 8: Sports, Competition, and Society (Prof. Jeremy Freese), TA, Stanford University

  • Soc/Urban Studies 149: The Urban Underclass (Prof. Michael Rosenfeld), TA, Stanford University

  • Soc 164: Immigration and the Changing United States (Prof. Tomás Jiménez), TA, Stanford University